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Education, Training & Development

NamPower's Education, Training and Development (ETD) unit has the responsibility to train and develop employees and members of the public. The section coordinates and facilitates various training programmes for employees both in-house and externally. The section is also responsible for ensuring that all ETD activities and programmes are accredited (quality assurance) and that the records of each employee's training or skills development are kept and updated.

 Sectional Group 

NamPower's ETD section comprises of the following sub-sections:

  • 1. NamPower Vocational Training Centre (NPVTC)
  • 2. Information Technology (IT) Training
  • 3. Defensive Driving and Heavy Equipment Operation
  • 4. Ad Hoc Training – Including Statutory/ Mandatory Training like First Aid
  • 1. The NamPower Vocational Training Centre (NPVTC) has been in existence since 1985 when the then South-West Africa Water and Electricity Corporation (SWAWEK) introduced vocational training for its employees. It was officially inaugurated in 1990. NamPower trains artisans according to Namibia Training Authority (NTA) and Ministry of Higher Education regulations and standards. NPVTC contributes to youth development by offering two vocational training courses, namely: Electrical and Mechanical (Fitting & Turning).

    To be enrolled at NPVTC one has to have a Grade 12 certificate with a C symbol or better in Mathematics, English and Physical Science. NamPower covers study costs except accommodation for students accepted at the NPVTC. The NPVTC also assists with the assessments of pre-trade tests to the public and NamPower employees in the Electrical (General) and Mechanical (Fitting and Turning) fields. In addition, the NPVTC also assists NamPower employees with Recognition of Prior Learning or employee skills-upgrade processes.

    Graduate artisans as well as NamPower employees who successfully completed their accredited training courses (such as Assessor Training, Supervisory, etc) are recognised at a Graduation Ceremony annually.

    NamPower Vocational Training Centre NamPower Vocational Training Centre NamPower Vocational Training Centre NamPower Vocational Training Centre NamPower Vocational Training Centre

    • 1.1 WorldSkills Namibia & International Competition

      WorldSkills is the global hub for skills excellence and development. Through international cooperation and development between industry, government, organisations, and institutions. It promotes the benefits of and need for skilled professionals through grass-roots community projects, skill competitions, and knowledge exchange.

      The idea to celebrate Vocational Training Competitions can be rightfully compared to Pierre de Coubertin´s initiative to create the modern Olympic Games.

      Since 1950 WorldSkills have raised the awareness among youth, as well as their parents, teachers and employers, that our future depends on an effective skills training system. Today WorldSkills represents more than 45 skills in over 75 Member countries and regions.

      Namibia joined International WorldSkills in 2011 through NTA and Ministry of Higher Education. NamPower’s involvement was also begin in 2011 by providing expertise in Electrical Installation at the WorldSkills Competition in 2011 held in the UK.

      NamPower Trainees have since 2015 qualified to compete in the International Worldskills Competition. In 2015 a NamPower Trainee, Fanuel Matias represented Namibia and competed on a global level in Brazil and in 2017, Bruno Karaerua represented Namibia in Abu Dhabi.

      Karaerua is currently the African Representative on the World Skills Champions’ Trust.

      This year of 2018, 2 NamPower Trainees have qualified to compete at the WorldSkills Namibia Competition to take place in April 2019 in anticipation for the WorldSkills Competition to take place in Kazan, Russia in October of 2019.

  • 2. NamPower’s ETD Section, through the IT skills development facilitator, secured an International Computer Drivers Licence (ICDL) accreditation. The section provides ICDL accredited training to all NamPower employees and supports sections/projects with IT training required.

  • 3. The Defensive Driving & Heavy Equipment Operators Training unit is responsible for conducting/facilitating defensive driving licence training on normal and 4x4 vehicles. The section also coordinates the training of NamPower employees on heavy plant operation, such as, mounting cranes and forklifts. The Heavy Equipment and Defensive Driving Training Facilitator are accredited by the Transport Education and Training Authority of South Africa and recognised by the Ministry of Labour in Namibia.

    The section is currently busy with the development of unit standards and materials in collaboration with the NTA.

  • 4. Due to the nature of NamPower’s business and operations, it is mandatory for all employees to attend First Aid Training regularly.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Project

Upon request, initiatives such as the pre-trade test assessments and trade test preparations are open to both the public and NamPower employees. Trade tests are practical examinations. Other initiatives such as the Internal NamPower Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) are only aimed at NamPower employees.

Recognition of Prior Learning is an initiative through which NamPower employees, who do not have formal academic qualifications, but have worked for the company for a number of years and have extensive experience and skills, receive recognition for experience, skills and knowledge acquired formally or informally. Skills, experience and knowledge are assessed against set job requirements of a specific job and level. Currently, ETD is mainly focused on RPL for technical skilled jobs that require a qualification of a Junior Secondary School Certificate (Grade 10). This enables employees to compete and be considered for interviews for higher positions requiring a minimum of Grade 10 within NamPower.

NamPower’s ETD Section is in constant consultation with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) on the RPL process for the development of unit standards and qualifications of technical fields both at skilled and semi-skilled levels.


Although, most of the ETD Section’s objectives are long-term, the unit has so far recorded some successes, including:

  • Equipped and utilising of the NPVTC for all training programmes
  • Making the NPVTC accessible to employees for skills up-grades
  • Achieving ETD objectives in terms of RPL assessments and trainings (The internal RPL is already being implemented in some sections and ETD intends to cover at least all technical sections in the near future).
  • In 2011 & 2015, Chief Technical Training Officer, Piet Viviers, was appointed as an expert in the field and was elected to represent Namibia at the World Skills Competition in Brazil.
  • In 2015, a NamPower trainee represented Namibia as a competitor at the World Skills Competition in Brazil.
  • In 2017, Bruno Karaerua, a NamPower trainee won the Namibian National Skills Competition, and has qualified to represent Namibia at the World Skills Competition in Abu Dhabi in October 2017.
  • Karaerua is currently the African Representative on the World Skills Champions’ Trust.
  • In 2017, Petrina Ashipala, a NamPower trainee who as the best female performer at the Namibia Skills Competition, was selected to represent Namibia at the World Skills Competition Youth Forum in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • VET Levies: All Namibian employers are required to register with the Namibia Training Authority (NTA) as per the Vocational Education and Training Act (Act 1 of 2008). In order to comply with the Act, it is expected of NamPower to pay training levies equal to 1% of the company’s payroll on a monthly basis which adds up to more than N$6.5 million since 2014. Employers are entitled to claim 50% of the training levies.
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