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Rundu Cuito 132kV Strengthening

EIA studies for the 132kV line from Rundu to Cuito (east of Rundu) have commenced and supply should become available in the second half of 2015. This project includes dynamic voltage support at Rundu.

Kunene Omatando 400kV

EIA studies for the 400kV line to be built from the Kunene substation (25km south of Ruacana) to Omatando (near Ongwediva) has commenced. The project should be concluded by the second half of 2016. The 400 kV Kunene and 400/132 kV Omatando Substation will be the first NamPower Substations built on a breaker and a half arrangement.

Kudu Transmission Integration

The planning of the integration of Kudu Transmission Station into the NamPower Transmission Network and the Eskom Transmission Network is at an advantaged stage of planning and is foreseen to consist of two 400 kV feeders to the Eskom network and one 400 kV feeder to the NamPower network as well as other deep connection upgrades in the NamPower network depending on the PPAs.

West Coast Strengthening

The project consists of:

  • 1. A twin-circuit 220kV transmission line from Walmund near Swakopmund to Rossing that was recently commissioned;
  • 2. Another 220kV transmission line from Khan (near Ebony siding) to Lithops and Walmund to Kuiseb;
  • 3. Twin-circuit 132kV line to the new Husab Mine that was commissioned in December 2013. A substation called Lithops (near Arandis)
which will provide the main supply to Husab will be commissioned in November 2014.

Kuiseb Walvis Bay Line

The contract for the upgrade of the Kuiseb Substation to 132 kV has been awarded in March 2013 and has commenced. The new 132/11 kV Walvis Bay Substation is currently in tender stage and will be awarded by August 2013. These two projects will be implemented in phases with final commissioning in the last quarter of 2016.

Auas - Rehoboth Project

The 132 kV Naruchas Transmission Station was commissioned in March 2014 together with the 132 kV Auas Naruchas feeder.

Auas - Khomas Project

The 132 kV Naruchas Transmission Station was commissioned in March 2014 together with the 132 kV Auas Naruchas feeder.

Omburu 220kV Filter Banks

40MVar Filter bank commissioned at Omburu transmission station in 2010.

Omuthiya Project

The 132 kV Omuthyia Transmission Station was commissioned in March 2014 for the provision of a supply to the town of Omuthyia.

Efundja Project

The 132 kV Efundja Transmission Station was commissioned in December 2012 together with the 132 kV Efundja Ondjiva feeder to ENE, Angola.

Namibia Customer Smelters Supply Upgrade

Upgrade of the supply to Namibia Custom Smelters outside Tsumeb to 132 kV from Otjikoto Transmission Station.

350kV HVDC Caprivi Link Interconnector

The Caprivi Link Interconnector HVDC Scheme was put into commercial operation in October 2010. This 300MW capacity DC transmission scheme links the NamPower network to the ZESCO transmission system in Zambia, it also provided the first and only connection of the Zambezi region to the main transmission grid of Namibia.

Otjikoto 220kV Filter Banks

20MVar Filter bank commissioned at Otjikoto transmission station in 2010.

Khomas Project

The project will entail the development of a 120 MVA n-1 220/132 kV supply to the west of the City of Windhoek to cater for the increasing load of the capital. The station will be developed on a breaker and a half substation arrangement and integrated into the existing 220 kV Van Eck Kuisbe 1 circuit.

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