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Conditions of Supply

Conditions of Supply

The provisions of the Electric Power Proclamation, 1922 (Proclamation 4 of 1922) and any amendment or addition thereto or substitution thereof is applicable to the Power Supply Agreement. Likewise the Power Supply Agreement shall further be subject to the provisions of the Powers of the S.W.A. Water and Electricity corporation Act, 1980 (Act 14 of 1980). The electricity supplied to the Customer may not be re-sold, supplied or be provided to another person or instance, or be bartered or exchanged in any manner, except as stated below:

  • In the case of a Local Electricity Supply Authority: Electricity may be re-sold, provided or supplied within the supply boundaries or license area of the Local Electricity Supply Authority as determined by laws and regulations applicable in Namibia.
  • In all cases except that mentioned in 2.2.1 above: Electricity may be re-sold, provided or supplied only on the property where the supply point is located. Electricity may however not be sold at a rate per kWh exceeding that charged per kWh by NamPower to the Customer.

The ownership of the line and equipment shall vest in NamPower, irrespective of the mode of financing the capital cost. NamPower will maintain the line and equipment for the duration of the Power Supply Agreement and any extension thereof. NamPower may also utilise the line and equipment to supply other Customers.

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