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Refurbish Van Eck Thermal Power Station

The Van Eck Power Station has been out of service since 2012 for rehabilitation to extend its life span by 10 years. The first unit is expected to be commissioned by end of May 2014, with the last unit expected for commissioning by end of August 2014. This will result in a much more reliable power station, meeting its original design output of 120MW and a guaranteed base-load output of at least 90MW. The project will cost approximately N$330 million.

Replace runner on Unit 1,2,3 - Ruacana Hydro Power Station

With the investment of approximately N$ 55 million which includes the replacement of the turbine runners and major parts as well as refurbishing of some turbine component have various contributing factors. The newly designed runners will improve the current turbine efficiency levels from 81 to 94 percent and increase the maximum output with 15 MW from the current 322 MW to 347 MW. With improved efficiency more output will be realised at the Ruacana power station with less water. The installation of the first runner is expected to start the second week in May 2014, with the last runner to be commissioned by February 2015. During this project period Ruacana will only have 3 units available for Generation which means once a unit has been taken out of service all project works on that unit must be completed before the next unit is taken out again.

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