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Transmission Master Plan

As part of the NamPower Transmission Master Plan, the following transmission projects have either been approved or are already in the implementation phase:

  • Kunene - Omatando development: A new substation called "Kunene" substation is planned south of the existing Ruacana Power station. This substation will be built on 400kV but initially operated at 330kV. A 400kV line will be built from Kunene to the existing Omatando substation to substantially increase the power supply capacity to Oshakati, Ondangwa and surrounding areas. This line will form part of a bigger future project to create a Northern ring at 400kV. This will ensure redundancy of evacuation of power from the Ruacana Power station, redundant power supply to the Northern regions and cater for the integration of the future Baynes Power Station.
  • Rundu - Cuito development: This project is an upgrade of the existing 66kV system to a 132kV system to increase capacity to the Kavango regions.
  • Gerus - Otjikoto 400kV line: This new 400kV line currently under construction forms part of the future 400kV backbone and will strengthen the supply to the areas supplied from the Otjikoto substation. This line will initially be operated at 220kV.
  • West Coast strengthening: This project caters for the strengthening of the West Coast and entails doubling up of the existing 220kV ring from the Omburu substation to the Kuiseb substation. A new substation called Lithops will form part of the ring and serves as the integration point for the new 132kV Husab mining developments. This strengthening project also caters for the supply increase to 80MVA to Walvisbay.

Transmission Network

Transmission Network

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