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The Revaluation of NamPower’s Land and Buildings
Bid Number NCS/RFQ/NPWR-36/2019
Bid Type Request for Quotation
Clarification Closing Date 22 Apr 2019 at 00:00 Namibian Time
Bid Closing Date 24 Apr 2019 at 00:00 Namibian Time
Summary In terms of Financial Reporting Standards, NamPower is required to perform a revaluation of Land and Buildings over a reasonable period of time. In terms of NamPower’s accounting policy, Land and buildings will be revalued every three (3) years. The last revaluation was performed effective 1 July 2015. The valuator must be familiar with the International Financial Reporting Standards (specifically International Accounting Standards 13 and 16 Property, plant and equipment and Fair value measurement) and the valuator must be registered at the SA Council for the property valuators profession and have proof of such registration NamPower invites competent, independent Valuators to submit offers for the Revaluation of NamPower’s Land and Buildings for the current financial year, 30 June 2019. Any resulting contract shall be subject to the terms and conditions referred to in the document.

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