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  • Recently, as part of an annual Surplus Sales Agreement NamPower has in place with both Eskom and the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), NamPower was in the fortunate position to assist the two utilities when much needed power was requested from them.

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Renewable Energy

Independent Power Producers (IPPs)

NamPower continues to negotiate Power Purchase Agreements and Transmission Connection Agreements with Diaz Power (wind power generation of 44 MW at !Nami=Nüs (formerly Lüderitz)) and GreeNam (solar PV of a combined 20MW). A special steering committee chaired by the Permanent Secretary of Mines and Energy, and with representatives from ECB, NamPower and the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Institute of the Polytechnic of Namibia, was formed to oversee all renewable energy projects. Nationally, the Ministry of Mines and Energy has now implemented the Renewable Energy Procurement Mechanism that requires tendering for all renewable energy projects larger than 5MW in size. NamPower expects to acquire an additional 30MW of IPP capacity (3 projects of 10MW each) via this tendering route in the near future. The C-Bend Bush-to-Energy IPP biomass project which has a signed Power Purchase Agreement with NamPower has encountered technical difficulties. NamPower remains hopeful that with help from the regional electricity distributor CENORED, this 250kW concept plant will ultimately fulfil its potential.


NamPower is providing technical advice and supervision for expansion of the Tsumkwe PV/diesel hybrid plant; and following this success at Tsumkwe other locations are being investigated. At the first of these, a new PV plant in Gam, NamPower will provide the same inputs and support as it did at Tsumkwe.


NamPower continues to investigate new generation methods and to lead by example. The company has now completed two test solar projects, in Windhoek and Usib (Rehoboth). These projects, of 64 kW fixed PV and 26 kW tracking CPV respectively, utilise the latest technology to provide NamPower with data and direct operational experience. Further exploration in this area will occur as NamPower “solarizes” two of its residential premises in Okahandja and Rehoboth.

Biomass Feasibility Study

A pre-feasibility study via a grant from KfW of Germany has been completed and shows that it is technically feasible to build 10-20MW plants utilising invader bushes as a fuel source. NamPower seeks now to capitalise on this by investigating the building of a hybridized power plant combining biomass with solar to increase output and improve plant performance.

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